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Who we are
« Etablissements COUBECHE » was founded in Obock in 1885 by Mohamed SALEH COUBECHE and was transferred to Djibouti in 1893. Historically, the group was a ship chandler, and its first emblematic industrial activity was the production of hydric block ice. Today, COUBECHE companies lie on a 28,000 Sqm property near the Port, and on a 17,000 Sqm land in the industrial zone. They directly employ some 630 people.
The Group’s companies hinge on two major activities, one industrial and the other commercial.

7 Sites :

. Industrial site in the Port Zone

. Logistics Platform – Boulaos industrial zone

. Head Office and General Services located on the industrial site

. Casino – Haramous supermarket

. Casino – Downtown supermarket

. Cash Center / Leader Price – Le Héron supermarket

. Storage warehouse located in the Djibouti Free Zone


. A more than 630 strong workforce

. 110 transport, stevedoring and commercial vehicles

. 50,000 Sqm commercial and industrial operated area


Created through the impetus given by Mr. Ali Coubeche in the early 30ies, the Franco Islamic School became, without being under the school system of the colonial administration of those days, the first to provide bilingual teaching in Arabic and French. Today, Mrs. Magda Rémon Coubeche pursues this patronage and prolongs the actions of her ancestors by putting a lot of herself into this school located not far from Avenue 13.

AIDS prevention campaign

With the support from the Coca-Cola foundation and of the Ministry of Health, Ets Coubeche has, since 2004, undertaken a vast awareness campaign (organizing voluntary testing, conferences…).

Employment for the disabled

The company has adopted an active policy for the employment of physically disabled persons.

Cultural and Sports Associations

Many sports associations receive assistance from Ets Coubeche in the form of beverages, materials and trophies made available to them.

Ets Coubeche is in partnership for organizing the Fest’Horn.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Ets Coubeche Sarl selected a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), installed by April 2012, that requires smaller space and is a fill-and-draw system requiring smaller space while able to reduce the carbon foot print of the company. Plant effluent is taken through a screening to take out all the solids and transfer the liquid to a 225m3 buffer tank, where equalization (PH neutralization) take place. Twice a day, equalized effluent is pumped through the SBR (370m3 capacity) tank and gets aerated by a surface aerator for the bacteria’s to aerobically degrade the chemicals to sludge and treated water; where both are transferred to a 10m3 storage tanks. The treated water is injected with chlorine to kill any remaining bacteria before joining with the sea (or be used for other purposes) in compliance with stringiest Coca-Cola Company requirement for discharge of wastewater while the sludge is further thickened by addition of polymer and a electromechanical dewatering system and discharged in an environmentally friendly manner.

Packaging recycling Site

The final objective of this project is to organize a collection of recyclable waste to allow their recycling: crushing of scrap Coca-Cola PVC crates, collection of glass, compression of aluminum cans and PET bottles in order to export them to waste recycling plants.

Coral reef protection project

In partnership with diving associations and clubs of Djibouti, a project of setting up anchor buoys has been initiated. Its objective is the preservation of the sub-aquatic fauna and flora of diving sites, by allowing pleasure crafts to moor without throwing out their anchors on the coral reefs.

DECAN Animal Orphanage

Sponsoring of events organized by « refuge DECAN » involved in the protection of existing animal species (puma cheetah, turtles, ostriches …) and the re-introduction of species that had fled the country (zebras…).

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